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2011-09-23 11:16:56 by SupaRedPikachu

Hello! My name is Jenny, the brony who loves being a Pikachu! I arrived a few minutes ago.

I'm a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because Pinkie Pie is my favorite :) I also like Futurama, Happy Tree Friends, Hamtaro, Super Mario, Pokemon and of course, Angry Birds!!

I love to draw and create artwork, because I have more than 20 original characters, including my four main characters, Inuki the fox, Mika the rabbit, Dash the squirrel and Strawberry the dog. As an fan-artist I draw humorous pictures of Philip J Fry as well. He's my imaginary boyfriend <3

For a view of my DeviantART gallery, go to m/


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2011-09-23 11:35:40

I'm pretty sure Newgrounds is for mature people. At least I thought so anyways.


2011-09-23 14:19:26

lol POKEMON RULEZ btw angry birds is made in Finland :D